Chavez brings discipline to Renegades

Aaron Chavez

On August 5, 2020, Aaron Chavez was named interim head coach of the Bakersfield College program after spending most of his career as an assistant coach at the Central Valley school. The New Mexico native arrived to Bakersfield in 2005 as an assistant coach for the Renegade program. Chavez has spent plenty of time on the sidelines at the school but will now move over a couple of inches and be in the head coaches chair. Discipline was the first word used when asked about the culture of the Renegades. “My dad was a marine, so discipline is huge for me,” said Chavez. It is not a surprise that playing hard was another trait that the head coach mentioned when it comes to culture. Playing hard can take you a long ways but having disciplined hard working kids will put you in position to win a lot of games. “I love winning but don’t worship winning,” added Chavez when talking about success.

As far as recruiting goes when it comes to the Renegade program it is all about the right fit. “I like to have kids with a military background,” said Chavez. The military background is one of the traits that usually brings the discipline trait that the head coach loves his players to have. “We want talent obviously but want our potential players to have good character,” added the Renegades coach. Once the players arrive on campus, the next step is move the players on to the four year level. “Our job is to get players close enough to getting their degree,” said Chavez. The newly hired head coach is big when it comes to education and wants his players to see the bigger picture. “Im very big on education, as education is what feeds us,” added the Renegades head coach. As this moves closer coach Chavez
will look to instill these traits and have a successful 2021-2022 season.