Coach Ball and the Napa Valley program

Steve Ball

Coach Steve Ball and the Napa Valley College program will look forward to competing this season after sitting out last year due to covid 19. The Storm have not stepped on the floor since February 21, 2020 in a game that saw them victorious over Solano College. The Northern California Bay Valley Conference member will look to improve for the upcoming season after going 8-20 in the 2019-2020 season.

When it comes to the Storm program, Ball mentioned honesty, integrity and effort when describing the staples for the program. “You will always get the truth from me, and I expect the same from any of my players,” said Ball when asked about the culture of his program. Honesty will take you a long ways as it is a great trait to have off the floor when it comes life. “I want to build toughness and have everyone part of the program grow as a human being,” added Ball. It also goes into recruiting when the Storms head coach brings in players in the recruiting process. Napa Valley is located about an half an hour north of Vallejo, but not as populated as the bay and other cities surrounding the area. Ball likes to recruit undersized guys but it goes back to the culture and having high character young men to represent the program.

At the end of the day, the overall goal is to move guys on to the next level. “We want to get our guys into the right classes, provide them with resources and then it is up to the players,” said Ball when asked about moving players on to the four year level. “My goal is for the players to be debt free in their education with a degree at the end of the day,” added Ball. With that being said, the Napa Valley College program is all about the right things and Coach Ball and the Storm staff look to have a successful 2021-2022 campaign.