Jennings and the Tiger Culture

T.J. Jennings

You can find T.J Jennings and his staff watching games in the Fresno area in the Central Valley of California. When it comes to finding players to recruit to the Tiger program, it isn’t a surprise that the Fresno area is an area that Reedley College keeps a close eye on. The city of Fresno is the 5th biggest city in California and is near the geographical center of California. “The Fresno/Clovis area is an under recruited area,” said Jennings when asked about recruiting for his Tiger program. 9 of his 10 players listed on his 2019-2020 roster on the website were from the Fresno-Clovis area and it is an emphasis that Jennings wants for his program. “I want to serve our local population and we want to recruit the whole Central Valley,” added Jennings.

Reedley College is about 26 miles away from Fresno, but Tigers have a culture of their own. The first thing Jennings mentioned when it comes to their program is academics. “We want players that are serious about academics,” said the Tigers head coach. “We also want great people on and off the floor that represent our program,” added Jennings. It is the process that many players take for granted, but in the Tiger program it is about relationship building and moving guys to become better young men. When it comes to moving guys on to the four year level, it is very high priority for Jennings and his staff. As for the expectations and goals for Reedley College, the Tigers want to improve from their 16-12 season from the 2019-2020 season. “We want to compete for a top 3 spot in the Central Valley Conference and host a playoff game,” said the Tigers coach. The season is around the corner and the Tigers are lurking to move up the Central Valley Conference standings and make a playoff push.