Ryan Frazer and the improved Spartans

Ryan Frazer

Ryan Frazer and the improved Spartans will look to continue to move in the right direction. After finishing 16-12 in the 2019-2020 season, the Spartans will look to be competitive in the Pacific Coast Athleltic conference and make a post season push. MiraCosta missed the post season but were above .500 in the 2019-2020 season. Frazer and company played in seven games that were decided by five points or less and went 3-4 in those games.

The 4th year head coach (3rd year on the court) comes from an extensive background of solid coaching mentors. Frazer has had the opportunity to work at the four year level and has worked with Steve Becker (CS Dominguez Head Coach), Greg Clink (Chico State Head Coach), and Justin Aregenal (Head Coach at Domincan University). “The experience I had working with these coaches has helped me grow into a professional,” said Frazer. The Spartans head coach had the chance to work as an assistant coach at Antelope Valley under John Taylor. All of the coaches have had an impact for his style of coaching his Spartan program. Despite the differences from the four year level to the junior college level, he has developed a solid culture in a short time. The 4th year head coach talked about focusing on Men of Honor as he wants to build young men that are part of the Spartan program. Frazer talked about “Spartan Up” as it is term used for players integrity and “Bleed Blue”. The bleeding blue is about players giving themselves to the program as these are the three pillars to the Spartans.

As for recruiting players to the MiraCosta program, Frazer and staff look for traits like most coaches around the country. “I watch for how players interact with their teammates and coaches,” said the MiraCosta head coach. Every coach wants talent but character is a trait that is valued in the Spartan program. It is not just on the court when it comes down to measuring success in the program. “I want to have a high GPA and transfer rate,” added Frazer. The expectations and goals on and off the court are a main reason why we should and will see a constant improvement to the Spartan program.