Webster has Hornets stinging opposition

Perry Webster

Head coach Perry Webster has the Hornets stinging oppositions across the state. The 5th year head coach of Fullerton College has built the Hornets program to a state wide powerhouse since arriving from Saddleback College as an assistant coach. Webster had success as a player, as he was the state most valuable player on the 2010 Saddleback state championship team. The Hornets coach also won a state championship as an assistant coach on Andy Ground’s Saddleback staff in 2015. Four years later, the distinguished head coach won the the title on the sidelines as the Hornets head coach. After being hired in 2017, it took two years for the head coach to take the team to the mountain top. “I don’t think I expected to win a championship so soon, but I expected to be successful as I had a good blueprint,” answered Webster when asked about the quick success. There aren’t a lot of coaches that see a state championship in general but to reach the promise land in such a short time is an understatement. The blueprint was there as he was on the Saddleback staff before he took the head coaching job. “We are similar but the one thing is can’t substitute a work ethic,” said Webster when asked about what he took from a coaching standpoint from the former Saddleback head coach Andy Ground.

When it comes to the Hornets program, it has come to consistency and the culture Webster and staff has instilled. Academics, Accountability and being on time are three things that are the staples to the Hornets program. As far as the consistency, it all starts at the defensive end of the floor. “We place an emphasis on the defensive end and understand that if we are top 5 in the state in defense, you will be in games,” added Webster. The defense has been solid since the arrival of the head coach recruiting has been huge for the Hornets. “We want guys that guard and play multiple positions,” said Webster. It is part of the process and the Hornet players know that the process does not come easy. With all of these winning things in store, it is an obvious reason why Fullerton College is one of the elite programs in the state. The focus and goals of the program is something the Orange Empire school does not shy away from. “We want win conference and we don’t shy away from our state championship goal,” added the 2017 state coach of the year. The program has high standards and it will not be any different coming into the 2021-2022 season when the Hornets step on the floor and chase the state championship.