1. San Diego: The Knights start off as our number one team in Southern California for the 23-24 season. San Diego is a very talented team and we should see them playing deep into the season as they are one of our favorites to win the state championship. San Diego is a very deep team that has depth at every position and will tough to play against. The defensive is just as good as the offensive side of the ball which is why they are our number one team coming into the new season.

2. Fullerton: The defending state champions, reloaded and coach Webster and the Hornets did not disappoint for the upcoming season. When you talk about defense, this is one team that will always be at the top of the list and you better guard the three point line as well with as many shooters as the Hornets have. Fullerton is on track to make another run at a state championship and the Hornets start the season off at number two in our preseason rankings in Southern California.

3. Allan Hancock: The Bulldogs start the year off at number three in our preseason rankings. Allan Hancock will be a team that will be tough to score on as they have a lot of defensive versatility and have athletes all over the floor. The Bulldogs should have high expectations coming into the season as we feel that have the potential to make a deep post season run for the upcoming season.

4. East Los Angeles: The Huskies are becoming a regular in our preseason top five every season as East Los Angeles is talented for the upcoming season. East Los Angeles has pieces in the right place and have some solid back court pieces this season. The Huskies have length as well and can guard the ball with guys that are able to guard multiple positions. Is this the year the Huskies can get over the hump in the post season as they are another team that could make another deep post season run from Southern California.

5. Mt. San Jacinto: The Eagles start our season off at number five in our preseason rankings. Mt. San Jacinto may be one of the best offensive teams in the state and have a starting five that can flat out score the basketball. The Eagles return a deadly duo in the back court and adding Isaiah Skinner will give them another option and size on the floor. This is a team that you should make some noise this season as the Eagles start the season off in the top five in our STLB Socal rankings.

6. Citrus: The Owls made the Final Four a year ago and Citrus is becoming a house hold name in the state when it comes to winning. You hear us talking about the culture all the time, but all you have to do is watch a Citrus game and see how hard they play and you can understand what we mean. Citrus did lose a lot of pieces but have a very talented front line that is coming in that has size which has been an issue in the past. Citrus will be a team to watch as we expect them to have a solid 2023-2024 campaign.

7. Cerritos: The Falcons are another team that put a lot of wins next to their name year in and year out in the junior college basketball world here in California. This year we should not expect anything different as they come in at number seven in our Southern California preseason rankings. Cerritos will look to have another standout season and have a solid back court and should be another team in Southern California that could make a splash this season.

8. Pasadena: The Lancers come in at number eight as Pasadena is on the rise and coming fast. Pasadena has one of the best guards in the state in Myles Watkins and have some pieces in place to have another standout season after a big turn around a year ago. It will be intriguing if they can get over the hump and push East Los Angeles in the South Coast North Conference this season. But for now, the Lancers will start the season off in our top 10 and look to have a solid 2023-2024 season.

9. San Bernardino: The Wolverines start the season off at number nine but have a lot to replace for the upcoming season. San Bernardino lost plenty of pieces and it will be intrguing to see how this team develops with a new identity for the upcoming season. San Bernardino has talent and the Wolverines have reloaded but how quick will the new players adapt the system and other things that go along in this junior college realm of things.

10. West Los Angeles: The Wildcats come into our rankings at number ten to start the season. West Los Angeles is another program that continues to win games and go deep into the post season each season. The Wildcats will be in a race that is between three teams in the Western State South Conference and if they can put together some nice wins in non conference action and pick up some home games in the post season they may be able to make a deep post season run in the upcoming season.

11. Santa Monica: The Corsairs start the season off at number eleven in our preseason rankings. Santa Monica is a very talented bunch and the Corsairs have pieces all over the floor that should make you a believer in this squad. The only problem each year that Santa Monica seems to have is their schedule and it looks like it is about the same again. If the Corsairs can pick up some non conference wins with that schedule they play, it could be very beneficial to them come post season.

12. Cerro Coso: The Coyotes start the season as the third team from the Inland Empire Conference to be ranked. Cerro Coso starts the season at number 12 and will be a team that may surprise some teams that look over this program that continues to get better each year. Cerro Coso has some solid pieces that return to the program and could challenge the usual suspects within their conference that do their fair share of winning.

13. Ventura: The Pirates will look to have a standout season but lost a lot of pieces from a year ago. Ventura still have some talent and the Pirates wont back down from anyone. The conference is loaded and it will be interesting how quickly guys pick up a new system etc. But with that being said the Pirates start the season off at number 13 in our STLB Socal rankings.

14. San Diego Miramar: The Jets probably are one of the most overlooked programs in the state when it comes to winning year in and year out. San Diego Miramar lost a couple of heavy hitters from their squad and some very good role players but at the end of the day, the Jets will still compete and still be a team that teams don’t like to play cause after the game you are going to see a result that you wont like. Miramar is team that gets better as the season moves along but to start the year we have them at number fourteen in our preseason rankings.

15. Riverside: The Tigers take the last spot in our preseason rankings for the 23-24 season and come in at number fifteen. Riverside did lose a lot of pieces but still have talent to win a lot of games this season. The Tigers have to win in one of the best conferences in the state but will also have to put together a solid non conference as well to be successful. Time will tell how good they are, but to start the season the Tigers are coming in at number 15 to start the season in our STLB Socal rankings.

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