Brewer and the Wolverine consistency

Quincy Brewer

Quincy Brewer has one of the most consistent programs in junior college basketball in the nation. The San Bernardino Valley head coach has been to four Eight Eights, one Final Four and a state championship since arriving to the Wolverine program in 2007. The former Arizona State star has lead his team to over 300 wins and the Wolverines are consistently in the post season and atop their conference each season. “I have had some very good players and good assistant coaches,” said Brewer when asked about the consistency of his program. The Wolverine coach gave high praise to his coaching staff when it comes to the programs success.

Brewer and staff have committed to getting the type of players that fit in their culture at the Southern California College. “I want to have guys in our program that have a teachable spirit,” said Brewer. This is one of the staples to the Wolverines consistent program. As far as the recruiting aspect, the Wolverines year in and year out have some of the best talent in the state. The Wolverines head coach wants family oriented type players that love to compete. The competition that has been through the program which has led to consistency has also led to players moving on to the four year level. The Wolverines have moved over 60 players on to the four year level since Brewer has been head coach.

With the upcoming season right around the corner, San Bernardino Valley College will look for their 10th consecutive season with 20 or more wins. “We go out and try and win every game each year,” said Brewer when asked about goals and expectations. “We want to have advancement in team improvement towards the end of the year,” added the head coach. San Bernardino will open up their quest for a state title on November 4th when the Wolverines will be at the Santa Monica College tournament.