Wallace looking to impact Jaguars

Kyle Wallace

When the 2021-2022 season starts, 2nd year head coach Kyle Wallace will look to impact his Southwestern Jaguar program. After sitting out last season due to covid, Wallace will step on the sidelines for the first time as a head coach after being hired two seasons ago. The newly hired Jaguar coach comes from Saddleback College where he was an assistant coach for five seasons under Andy Ground. Wallace will look to take a lot of things he learned from the legendary coach along with his own knowledge and put it into his program. “I learned about work ethic that you need to compete to be successful,” said Wallace. It is one component that stood out the most as he will make the change from being an assistant to leading a program. “The biggest difference from being an assistant to a head coach has been that you are in total control of the program,” added Wallace. It goes from the housing, players being in the right classes, and a long list of duties that you don’t really know until you’re in the situation.

As for as the culture in Chula Vista, Wallace put accountability at the top of the list. “I hold them accountable and they have to hold each other accountable as well,” said the 2nd year head coach. Accountability goes a long ways in any program and is the staple to the Jaguars. Wallace also wants to have an identity at the defensive end as that will be a trademark and a trait that his players will have to buy in to. Another aspect where the newly hired head coach wants to stand out is moving guys on to the four year level after being successful in the classroom.

As this season rolls around, the expectations won’t be any different than we expect. After being on the sidelines of one of the most respected programs around, the Jaguars will look to be competitive and win a lot of ball games. “We want to compete with tams and be in the same conversation with the top teams in the state,” said Wallace. Time will tell as the season is right around the corner but we expect the Jaguars to be in the mix in the Pacific Coast Athletic Conference.